Some smaller stuff

Because people want the smaller stuff as well, I am here to create some. I think the smaller items might sell better than the furniture because of the convienance. Here is a list of some smaller items I have thought about making or have already made.

  • picture frames
  • coat hangers
  • bowls + cups
  • stools
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Product is now in 3 different locations!

You can find some furniture and bird feeders at 3 locations now.

1. Driftwood Cafe (off cliffe, near the pawnbrokers)

2. Eureka Clubhouse (Find them on 4th and cliffe near mud sharks coffee shop)

3.Cozy Cottage (Located up Royston rd)

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Nautical Days in the Comox Valley!

It was a big 3 days in the comox valley! Hundreds of people turned out for a great time to celebrate all the arts and crafts people in the valley. There were many talented people this year. Despite the competition, I managed to sell a few things and get my name out there. I think next year I will throw in some driftwood coat hangers!

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New Inventory in Stock!

I have added a bunch more pictures that should interest you.


Feel free to drop off an email at



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Inventory is Full!

Inventory is Full, and summer is coming. For those looking for something a little beyond your average patio set or outdoor furniture,  come to Mikes Driftwood, where we offer unique but affordable benches, chairs, tables and even footstools. If you are interested in buying more than one select pieces of furniture, I will give you a deal. Come on by and say Hi, located in the beautiful comox valley by Grassi Point Farms and the farmers market.

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Welcome to Mikes Driftwood!

Welcome to Mikes Driftwood official site! Here you will learn everything you need to know about working with driftwood. Make sure you browse the pictures to check out my latest work. Also, if you are looking for a cordless drill and cant find the right one, check out the cordless drill review and then pick a drill from the list. Look for a drill that has power, and long lasting lithium ion batteries. Dont go for the cheaper enough “i know its tempting” but go for the long lasting durable stuff.

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Summer is coming!

Its heating up, and things are happening. Its time to pick your favourite chair and watch the time fly by. Make that, your favourite driftwood chair! Have any pictures of your favourite driftwood chair? Send an email to

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All about Driftwood

Collecting Driftwood became a hobby for me about a year ago. The creativity that comes with the trade is what I really enjoy. You definatly need a creative mind when you’re searching on the beach. Things should stand out at you like a sore thumb, or partially sore. When you find a really good beach, its like finding a gold mine. I found myself saying to people who walked by, “look at this stuff, its like gold”. I wouldn’t recommend it. I have found the more you look for driftwood, the better at it you get. Pretty soon you’ll be building things like driftwood bird feeders or head boards for beds. Its a great hobby, but leave some driftwood for me!

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Bird Feeders for sale!

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a Poll a Poll

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